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Entry #2

New Game Out Now!

2010-09-04 14:54:04 by jbaggel

Check out Katamari Damacy: The Flash Game!

Make sure to vote five, and I hope you love it! It tooks about 8 months to make so I hope it is well recieved by the public.


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2010-09-04 15:45:49

Is there supposed to be a little green man dancing around bright colours and lala emoticons or is there a game afterwards?

jbaggel responds:

you have to rapidly press the start button


2010-09-04 18:37:27

Thats cool bro

jbaggel responds:

B] Hell yes, it is.


2010-09-04 18:40:03

Dude your "game" is very dangerous it can cause seizures and people can get hurt

jbaggel responds:

Well I added a warning, you killjoy.